361 dead, 17,238 coronavirus cases confirmed in China

China is struggling with the new coronavirus as the total of 17,238 cases have been confirmed on the Chinese mainland and at least 160 case confirmed in more than two dozen countries. Three hundred and sixty one people in China and one in Philippines died from the virus. 475 patients have so far recovered in China. Newly built 1000 bed hospital in Central China’s Hubei Province, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak has been handed over to the Chinese Army medical team which is expected to take patients from today. This is expected to ease pressure on Wuhan’s existing hospitals.

Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship Hospital will start a clinical trial on the treatment of the novel coronavirus with Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, as number of cases has reached close to 200 in Beijing city. In Beijing, a new factory capable of producing tens of millions of masks per month has been completed in 7 days and put into production on Saturday.

As many people will start returning to work after spring festival holidays from today, china is also fighting with widespread rumours along with the rise in number of infection cases. AIR correspondent reports that  China is racing against time as news of coronavirus infections mingled with the deluge of conflicting information tumbles out on a daily basis. A traditional Chinese medicine syrup has become the latest commodity in the panic buying spree, on the heels of the frenzy over face masks. 

After a report cited its effectiveness, Snaking queues could be seen outside pharmacies in the ground zero of Wuhan and many other cities which also tripled its online prices. Such indulgent buying has also sprawled to masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers, and staple food. Panic has also fueled discrimination, as there are numerous reports of such cases against residents from Hubei Province and discrimination abroad against Chinese people. Some reputed news publications abroad have been criticised over discriminative headlines.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry has said 16 foreigners in China have been infected with the 2019 n-CoV as of February 2. Among them, 2 have recovered and been discharged from hospital, and 14 are in quarantine and in stable conditions.

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