Advance team of WHO arrive in China to probe Novel Corona virus

An advance team of World Health Organization (WHO) medical experts has arrived in China to help investigate the Novel Corona virus outbreak. Confirming this, WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the advance team, led by Dr. Bruce Aylward, will be part of WHO-China joint investigation team. The larger international team could range between 10 and 15 members and will join with the WHO advance team as soon as possible.

Corona virus Outbreak death toll has reached 1,018 globally with over 43,000 confirmed cases as of Monday. China reported 108 new deaths and 2,478 new cases yesterday. Hubei province in China has reported 103 new deaths and 2,097 new Corona virus cases. A total of 974 people have died from the virus in Hubei.

China’s National Health Commission yesterday said, the cure rate for the Novel Corona virus has increased significantly across China to 8.2 per cent, rising from the 1.3 per cent figure announced on 27th of January while in central China’s Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic, it has risen to 6.1 per cent on Monday, compared with the 1.7 per cent on 27th of January.

China has found five new drugs to be effective in inhibiting the Novel Corona virus while three potential antiviral drugs including US made Remdisivir are in clincal trial stage in Wuhan. As countries are rushing to build diagnostic Capacity, Doctors in Wuhan are now using three-pronged approach in detecting Novel Corona virus. They have added two more parameters and are no longer solely dependent on nucleic acid test results.

China’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that two foreigners have died among 27 who have been diagnosed with the Novel Corona virus infection as of 10th of February. Three of the foreigners have been discharged from hospital, he added.

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