Afghan Prez vows to eliminate all safe havens of IS group after Kabul wedding attack

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has vowed to eliminate all safe havens of the Islamic State group after a horrific terrorist attack which claimed at least 63 lives in Kabul. 

Urging the international community to join the efforts in curbing of the terrorist attacks, President Ghani said that Afghanistan will take revenge for every civilian drop of blood and their struggle will continue against Islamic State. 

He pointed that safe havens for militants are across the border in Pakistan, whose intelligence service has long been accused of supporting the Taliban. Ghani called on people in Pakistan to help in identifying the IS safe havens there.

Hitting at the Taliban, Ghani asserted that the Taliban has created the platform for terrorists with its own brutal assaults on schools, mosques and other public places over the years.

The Hindu

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