Bangladesh HC orders govt to impose ban on single use plastic in coastal areas, hotels

Bangladesh High Court yesterday ordered the government to impose a ban on single use plastic in coastal areas and hotels, motels and restaurants across the country within the next one year.

Single use plastic products include drinking straws, cotton buds, food packaging, food containers, bottles, plates, plastic cutlery and plastic bags. The court also ordered strict enforcement of the ban on polythene across the country.

As per the Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act polythene has been banned in the country since 2002 but its use is continuing all over Bangladesh.

The court order came in response to a writ petition filed by 11 organizations working in the field of environment and climate change. The petition claimed that according to government data Bangladesh generated 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste daily.

Close to 25 per cent of the plastic waste was dumped into rivers flowing into Bay of Bengal causing serious harm to environment. The court asked the government to submit a report on the implementation of its orders by January next year.

The Hindu

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