Britain, Spain join other major powers in suspending military exports to Turkey

Tweeted by AIRBritain and Spain have joined other major powers in suspending military exports to Turkey following its incursion into northeastern Syria. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said, no further export licences will be granted to Turkey for items which might be used in military operations in Syria. Spain, a major arms exporter to Turkey, similarly announced a halt to sales of military material. Spain’s Socialist government asked Turkey to put an end to this military operation. Sweden also announced it has halted exports of military equipment.

Meanwhile, Russia has said it is patrolling in areas along the line of contact between Syrian and Turkish forces. Russia’s defence ministry said, the patrolling are taking place after Syrian government troops took control of the city of Manbij. A spokesman for the US-led coalition confirmed its forces had pulled out of the area. Syrian forces moved into the area as part of a deal that has seen regime troops deploy in several Kurdish-controlled areas in north to protect the region from an assault by Turkish forces.

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