British MPs to vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement today

British MPs will vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement today, which sets out the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU.  The withdrawal agreement sets out how much money the UK must pay to the EU as a settlement, citizens’ rights, details of the transition period. If MPs support the British Prime Minister’s divorce deal, the UK will exit the bloc on 22nd May. 

If it is rejected, Britain has until 12th April to announce a new plan, or leave the bloc without a deal, risking severe disruption for people and businesses. The withdrawal agreement also sets out the arrangements for the backstop, which seeks to prevent the return of customs infrastructure at the Irish border in the event no UK-EU trade deal is enforced.

Theresa May’s throw of the dice comes a day after her dramatic pledge to resign in order to persuade her rivals to finally back her vision for breaking Britain’s 46-year membership of the bloc. 

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