Fierce clashes in Hong Kong ahead of China’s 70th anniversary

In Hong Kong, fierce clashes broke out between protesters and riot police today as thousands marched, during a day of global protests ahead of China’s celebrations marking its 70th anniversary.

Despite authorities refusing to approve today’s march, thousands of protesters marched in Hong Kong’s usually busy shopping district.  The violence came two days before Tuesday, when China will mark its 70th anniversary.

Police and protesters clashed, with protesters throwing bricks and petrol bombs and setting fires on the street. Yesterday, protesters gathered to mark five years since the start of the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement that brought parts of the city to a standstill for 79 days.

Marches were also held today in Australia and Taiwan, with more planned in some 40 locations across Europe and North America later in the day.  Students are planning a one-day strike tomorrow while activists have called for people to dress in black on Tuesday.

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