Finance Ministry says contractual employees to be paid during period of absence due to lockdown

Finance Ministry has ordered to declare the period of social distancing in view of COVID-19 outbreak as on duty for contractual, causal and outsourced staff working in government offices. It has asked the Central Government Ministries and Departments to pay the wages accordingly to them. The instruction will be in effect till 30th of next month. The order will also be applicable for autonomous bodies and subordinate offices of the Central Government. 

In another order, the Ministry has asked to ensures uninterrupted and smooth functioning of the government Expenditure system during the containment period of COVID-19. It has ordered that all offices connected with the payment system to remain open and ensure that there are no financial delays. The Finance Ministry said, this measure will ensure that in these challenging times, the expenditure system functions quickly to cope with any emergent needs. 

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