Govt effects changes in committees of Union Council

The government has effected changes in the Committees of Union Cabinet and included Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in most of the Committees. On Wednesday, the government had reconstituted eight Cabinet Committees. These are, Appointments Committee, Cabinet Committees on Accommodation, Economic Affairs, Parliamentary Affairs, Political Affairs, Security, Investment and Growth and Employment and Skill Development.

According to a release issued by Cabinet Secretariat, Rajnath Singh’s name has been included in four more committees which are Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, Political Affairs, Investment and Growth and Employment and Skill development. Earlier, Mr Singh was the part of only two Committees-Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Committee on Security.

AIR correspondent reports that Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has now become the member of six Cabinet Committees and will head the Cabinet committee on Parliamentary affairs.

As per the revised list, Prime Minister  Narendra Modi is heading six committees, while Home Minister Amit Shah is heading the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation and is part of all the remaining seven. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, which makes appointments to key positions like Central Vigilance Commission and CBI Director consists of Prime Minister and Home Minister. Among the eight Committees, Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth and Employment and Skill Development are the tnew ones.

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