Indian citizens do not need anyone else to speak on their behalf: India responds to Pak PM’s UNGA speech

India has said that its citizens do not need anyone else to speak on their behalf and least of all those who have built an industry of terrorism from the ideology of hate.

Exercising the right of reply, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations Vidisha Maitra said that unfortunately what we heard from Pakistan’s Prime Minister was a callous portrayal of the world in binary terms. Us vs Them; Rich vs Poor; North vs South; Developed Vs Developing. Strongly hitting back at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement at 74th UN General Debate, Maitra said, a that fosters divisiveness at the United Nations. Attempts to sharpen differences and stir up hatred, are simply put hate speech. She said that rarely has the General Assembly witnessed such misuse, rather abuse of an opportunity to reflect.

Ms Maitra said, do not forget the gruesome genocide perpetrated by Pakistan against its own people in 1971 and the role played by Lt. Gen A A K Niazi.

Even coming from the leader of a country that has monopolized the entire value chain of the industry of terrorism, Prime Minister Khan’s justification of terrorism was brazen and incendiary, she said. She added that after having mainstreamed terrorism and hate speech, Pakistan is trying to play its wild card as the newfound champion of human rights. She further said Pakistan is a country that has shrunk the size of its minority community from 23 per cent in 1947 to three per cent today.

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