India’s stature in world has risen in last 5 years: S Jaishankar

Jun 06, 2019, 1:58PMIndia’s stature in world has risen in last 5 years: S Jaishankar@MEAIndiaExternal Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar today said the five years of the Government has kept alive and even strengthened the expectations of change in the country. Speaking at an event in New Delhi, Dr Jaiskankar said, the large majority of people have realised that India’s stature in the world has risen.  
Dr. Jaishankar said, India’s growth can serve as a lifting tide for its neighbours as its economic growth is on the rise. The Minister said there is a need to incentivise the cooperation in the neighbourhood. 

He added that there is a greater responsibility for Indian foreign policy to create partnerships and mechanisms which help Indian businesses do their business outside the country. The Minister said, globalisation is under stress and many of the assumptions of the globalisation like global supply chains, mobility of talent, market access are no longer assumptions one can make to the same degree.
Dr Jaishankar said, growth of nationalism can be witnessed across the world and that nationalism has been validated electorally in many places. He said in Asia, nationalism is about confidence but in many other parts of globe it is about insecurity.

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