IWD: Mittal Patel working for last 14 years to uplift nomadic tribes in Gujarat

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, people are sharing inspirational stories on the hashtag iButa D2020 and the hashtag Daughter Teach-Out Country. The Government has taken several measures for the empowerment of women.

There are many women in the country who are moving out of their homes and working for the rights of untrodden and raising their voice for those who are deprived. Gujarat’s Mittal Patel is one of them. For the last fourteen years, she is relentlessly working for the so-called nomadic tribes who were not even aware of their own identity. Her contribution towards bringing the nomadic communities of Gujarat to the mainstream of society is recognized all over the country. She has also been awarded the President Nari Shakti Award for her work. Talking to All India Radio, Mital said that community which we used be backword for many years, were the first ones in giving equal rights and respect to women.

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