Last Solar Eclipse of decade observed in parts of India

A partial solar eclipse was visible in India along with several other countries this morning.

This was an annular solar eclipse that happens when the Moon covers the sun’s centre, leaving the sun’s visible outer edges to form a ‘ring of fire’ or annulus – around the moon.

In Delhi, the partial eclipse began at 8.17 AM and ended at 10.56 AM. The total duration of the eclipse was 2 hours and 39 minutes. This was the last solar eclipse of the decade.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi watched the solar eclipse on the live stream.

In a tweet, Mr Modi said, like many Indians, he was enthusiastic about the solar eclipse. He said,  unfortunately, he could not see the Sun due to cloud cover but he did catch glimpses of the eclipse in Kozhikode and other parts on the live stream.

The Prime Minister said, he also enriched his knowledge on the subject by interacting with experts.

Devotees took a holy dip in rivers and water pools across the country on the occasion of the solar eclipse. 

The Hindu

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