Lok Sabha takes up discussion on Triple Talaq Bill

The Lok Sabha has taken up the discussion on the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage), Bill, 2019, or Triple Talaq Bill. The bill seeks to declare the practice of triple talaq as void and illegal.

Moving the bill, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, despite Supreme Court direction against the Triple Talaq, the practice is still continuing in different parts of the country. He clarified that the Bill is not against the any community and religion and it should not be seen through the lense of politics.

Mr Prasad said, the bill is aimed at providing  justice equality and dignity to Muslim women.

Questioning the intent of the bill, N K Premchandran of RSP alleged that the bill is intended to target a particular community. He said the government is citing minority judgement of the Supreme Court to justify such legislation. He also questioned the government for taking ordinance route in this regard.

Meenakshi lekhi of BJP supported the bill saying that the bill will protect the rights of Muslim women. She said, there is need to change the lives of Muslim women and empower them and this bill will play a pivotal role in this regard.

Ms Lekhi said, the present government has shown the political courage and is committed to end the practice of Triple Talaq. She said, the Indian society must have gender justice adding that the government is ensuring that each women get equal rights and must not be subjected to any sort of discrimination.

Mohammed Jawed of Congress opposed the bill saying the bill is against the Muslim community.

Kanimozhi of the DMK questioned the government for hurriedly pushing the bill. The discussion is continuing.
Discussion on the bill is under way.

The Bill  proposes to make the triple talaq as  cognizable offence. It also provides allowance to victim women and their dependent children. The offence is made compoundable with the permission of the Magistrate at the instance of the married Muslim woman upon whom talaq is pronounced. Several opposition parties are opposing the bill.

Passage of the Bill in Lok Sabha a foregone conclusion as government has numbers in the Lok Sabha but real test would be in the Rajya Sabha where ruling party lacks majority and even NDA ally JD(U) is opposing the Bill.

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