More than dozen rockets hit two airbases of US and Coalition forces in Iraq

Two airbases of the United States and coalition forces in Iraq were hit by more than a dozen rockets early this morning. It is unclear if there were any casualties.

The Pentagon said, at least two sites were attacked, in Erbil and Al-Asad.

White House Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said, in a statement, that the White House is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with the national security team.

The attack on the Ain al-Asad airbase came after pro-Tehran factions in Iraq had vowed to join forces to respond to an American drone strike that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad last week.

United States President Donald Trump  has said that pulling out US troops from Iraq will be the worst thing for the country. He made the statement yesterday, after the Iraqi Parliament demanded expulsion of American forces.

Some 5,000 US soldiers are deployed in Iraq as part of the international coalition against the IS terror group. On Sunday, the Iraqi Parliament had passed a resolution to terminate the agreement that allows for US troops in the country.

Mr Trump said, if we leave that would mean that Iran would have a much bigger foothold and the people in Iraq do not want to see Iran running the country. In a  brief interaction with reporters at the Oval Office of the White House, President Trump said at some point the US will want to get out of Iraq.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has issued a statement saying it has fired tens of ground-to-ground missiles at the airbase occupied by the terrorist and aggressive army of the United States known as Ein Al-Assad in reprisal for the martyrdom of IRGC Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

The IRGC warned the US to avoid retaliating the Wednesday attack or else it will face a more painful and crushing response.

The IRGC statement also warned all the US-allied states where the terrorist army has a base, any territory that becomes the origin of any hostile and aggressive action against the Islamic Republic of Iran in any way will be targeted.

The IRGC also called on the American nation to pressure the White House to pull their troops our of the region to avoid further damage and not allow the US rulers to endanger the lives of their military men through increasing hatred.

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