North and Central regions continue to be in grip of heat wave

North and Central regions of the country continue to be in the grip of heat wave conditions. There has been no relief from heat wave in these regions even as the Monsoon advanced in the southern state of Kerala yesterday.

In Rajasthan , normal life is continuously getting disrupted due to immense heat. Most places in the state are witnessing temperatures around 45 degree celsius. There is also widespread impact of the scorching heat on animals and vegetation. AIR correspondent reports that due to the severe heat wave, people are not getting relief  even in  night time.

According to the information received from met. dept. , Churu crossed the 45 degree celsius temperature mark at half past eleven this morning. Taking heat wave into consideration, govt. has rescheduled the working hours of workers under MNREGA FROM 6.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. Leaves of all employees of Water resource dept. and electricity boards have been cancelled .

At many places water is being sprayed on roads to get some relief from heat waves. Chief minister Ashok Gehlot along with concerned  ministers is continuously taking stock of the situation. At the boarder area in western Rajasthan , special arrangements have been made for BSF jawans performing their duty with full under temp. near 50 degree celcious. Meteorological dept. has expressed hope that in next two or three days , coll winds from Arabian sea will bring some relief and temperature will come down to some extent.

In Uttar Pradesh also the severe heat wave  continues without any respite. Yesterday, Banda was the hottest, sizzling at 48 degrees, followed by Allahabad 47.7 degree Celsius.  The Bundelkhand region is worst hit where temperatures are soaring.

AIR correspondent reports that Bundelkhand region is witnessing most furry of temperature leaving people in trouble. The temperature in Jhansi, Orai and Hamirpur of this region has already crossed 45 degree Celsius which is around  4 degree above the normal. The high temperatures have deepened the scarcity of water in this area.
People have to fetch water from a very distant  places.

Several parts of Madhya Pradesh are  also reeling under severe heat wave. AIR correspondent reports that large parts of Madhya Pradesh are reeling under severe heat and heat wave while the rain provided some relief from the heat; but uprooted trees and damaged electricity supply lines, adding to the summer’s torture.

MeT department said that there is unlikely to be any respite from the searing heat for the next few days. Most parts of the state are reeling under 44-45 degree temperature and there is a severe heat wave warning in many areas for today.

The maximum 48 degree temperature was recorded in Khajuraho and Naogaon. State capital Bhopal sizzled at 45.7 degrees and Gwalior 47.3 degrees.

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