Opposition is politicising Balakot air strike, says Defence Minister

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has alleged that the opposition is politicising the airstrikes in Pakistan’s Balakot and indulging in false allegations against the government. 

Speaking at a programme held in Hyderabad yesterday evening, she said the armed forces were given freedom to take a call after the Pulwma incident and the Air Force personnel say it was their honour to carry out the air strikes. 

Refuting the demands by the opposition for proof of air strikes, the minister asked whether security forces take selfies with the killed terrorists? She further said the UPA government could have taken a similar decision to take action against Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks in 2008 and the military would have been more than willing to respond in such a situation.

The Defence Minister also said the first Rafale jet will be delivered in September this year while the remaining will be delivered by 2022.

The Hindu

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