Opposition politicizing NPR issue to reap political benefits says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that opposition is politicizing National Population Register issue to reap political benefits. Replying to the debate on Motion of thanks in the Rajya Sabha yesterday the Prime Minister said, Census and NPR are general administrative activities which have been in place since long.

He said that those people who brought the NPR in 2010 are today questioning the same. Prime Minister said that people protesting NPR are displaying their anti-poor mindset as the data collected from NPR will be used to directly transfer the government benefits to the poor. Prime Minister asserted that violence should not be taken as right to protest and urged the Opposition to stop misguiding people on Citizenship Amendment Act.

Prime Minister Modi said that after the current governments’ initiatives to address long-standing issues of North-East, the region has witnessed peace and has joined the course of development with the rest of the country.

Mr. Modi said, after the abrogation of Article 370, people of Jammu and Kashmir got benefit of reservation and other Central Government policies. He said, this is the first time that Anti- Corruption Bureau has been set up and funding of separatist have been blocked.

Later, the house unanimously adopted the Motion of thanks to the President’s address. However, the Opposition parties including Congress, DMK, TMC, CPI and Samajwadi Party staged walkout after the Prime Minister’s speech.

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