Organisation of Islamic Cooperation rejects Donald Trump’s peace plan

Days after Arab League rebuffed United States President Donald Trump’s Peace Plan for the Middle East calling it unfair to the Palestinians, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) rejected it yesterday asking its member states not to cooperate with the US with the implementation of the programme.

In a meeting at Jeddah , the Pan Islamic body called all its member states not to implement  the peace plan. A meeting of Foreign Ministers at OIC headquarters in the Saudi city of Jeddah called on all member states not to deal with this plan or cooperate with the US Administration efforts to enforce it in any way or form.

The statement by the OIC said that it rejected this US-Israeli plan as it did not meet the minimum aspirations and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and contradicted the terms of reference of the peace process. The OIC reiterated its support for east Jerusalem as capital of a future Palestinian state, stressing its Arab and Islamic character.

The statement further said that peace would only be achieved with the end of the Israeli occupation, the full withdrawal from the territory of the State of Palestine in particular the holy city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) and the other Arab territories occupied since June 1967 (Middle East war).

The US Peace Plan for the Middle East unveiled by President Trump last week said that Israel would retain control of the disputed city of Jerusalem as its undivided capital and annex settlements on Palestinian lands.

OIC has 57 member states and represent 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. Iran could not be represented in the meeting, as the regional rival Saudi Arabia did not give timely visa for the delegates.

Iran has already denounced the US Peace Plan.

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