Pakistan continuously snubbed by International community for its role in aiding, abetting terrorism

The desperation of Pakistan over its failure to muster the support of international community has been exposed thoroughly. In continued snub to Pakistani establishment, international agencies have taken it to task for its role in aiding and abetting terrorism. They have also made it clear that J&K issue is bilateral and Pakistan must take measures to curb terror activities from its soil.

First, the International Court of Justice order forced Pakistan to grant consular access to Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav. He has been falsely implicated on espionage charges by Pakistan. After months of incarceration, Kulbhushan Jadhav was granted consular access yesterday. But the farce was clear with Pak agencies putting pressure on him to parrot their stand.

European Union has also made it clear that it is up to India and Pakistan to resolve the issue bilaterally. They also made a veiled reference to Pakistan to stop cross border terrorism.

What followed next was South Asian Speakers’ Summit in Male which was meant to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Here again Pakistan tried to raise the issue. But, Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha strongly objected to raising of the internal matter of India and rejected the politicisation of the forum, by raising issues which are extraneous to the theme of the summit. He called Pakistan to end cross-border terrorism and all kinds of state support to the same. Male declaration too called for putting an end to terrorism.

Latest is UNICEF South Asian Parliamentarian conference in Colombo yesterday. Here India’s representative, MP Gaurav Gogoi and MP Sanjay Jaiswal torn into Pakistan and stated categorically that Islamabad must look at its track record on fomenting terror.

Not getting any support from international community, Pakistan has now stooped to a new low and resorted to attack on Indian High Commission in London by British Pakistanis. They smashed windows of the Indian High Commission and caused chaos near the premises. This is the second time in less than a month that the Indian mission in London has been targeted by unruly Pakistani protesters.

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