PM Modi calls upon people to quit tobacco; not harbour misconceptions about e-cigarettes

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon people to quit tobacco and not harbour misconceptions about e-cigarettes, to build a healthy India. In his ‘Mann Ki Baat ‘ address on All India Radio, Mr. Modi said, tobacco addiction tramples the dreams of families and wastes lives of children and this habit should not take root in the society. He said, people understand the dangers of common cigarettes, but have misconceptions about e-cigarettes that they pose no danger. Prime Minister added that e-cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals which have a rious effect on health. He said, younger generation is the country’s future and that is why the government banned e- cigarettes. This new form of intoxication can destroy the demographically young country. Mr Modi said all addictions have to be avoided to realize the goal of Fit India.

Prime Minister said, the government will organize Fit India Plogging Run on 2nd October across the country. It is a unique combination of picking up litter while jogging.

Highlighting the need to shun single use plastic, the Prime Minister said, the entire world is looking towards India as a model example. India has taken a lead in environmental protection.

Mr Modi said festival season has begun with the advent of Navaratri. He asked people to be generous this season and give away excess items which they no longer require. Mr Modi said happiness should co-exist with joy this festive season and festivals should bring the aroma of collectiveness and communal harmony.

The Hindu

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