Prakash Javadekar slams Congress for protecting those behind 1984 riots

BJP today said that there was deliberate delay in investigation of 1984 Anti Sikh Riots by Congress Government as it showed no interest in nailing the culprits of the genocide.

Briefing media, senior party leader and Union Minister Prakash Javadekar referred to Justice Dhingra Commission report which was submitted today and said, the report reveals that Congress never took any lead to investigate. He said, Commission’s report is very important as its main inference says that the right investigation of these riots never happened.

Mr Javadekar said, perpetrators of anti-Sikh genocide were unpunished as authorities and police showed lack of interest in investigation. He said, in Sultanpur in Delhi, 500 incidents took place and the administration received numerous affidavits but only one FIR was filed. Mr Javadekar said, ideally, FIRs should have been filed right away, but it did not happen for 6-7 years and the court had to free the miscreants.

He said, the Commission has recommended to file more appeals for investigation. He said, Police did not act because the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in a way justified the riots saying when the big tree falls, earth tremors. Mr Javadekar said, it was the worst kind of genocide happened in 1984 and it was not a riot but one-way mass-killing.

He said, Congress allowed the killing of more than three thousand people and then leaders like Sam Pitroda passed denigrative remarks. He said, the whole effort of police under Congress Government was always to protect the culprits.

The Senior BJP leader accused AAP government for its negligence behind delay in hanging of Nirbhaya gangrape convicts. He said, Delhi government did not give notice to convicts for nearly two and half years after Supreme Court rejected their appeal against death sentence in 2017. Mr Javadekar said, the entire country wants the four accused to be hanged and the AAP Government is delaying it.

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