Prime Minister Modi urges citizens to use digital payment tools during coronavirus pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged citizens to use digital payment tools as these are safer during the coronavirus pandemic. In a tweet, Mr Modi said, this is the time to ensure social distancing and digital payments help you do that.

Finance ministry and banks have also urged people to use e-payment tools. Financial Services Secretary Debashish Panda said if you have to make payments, do it digitally and stay safe. Several banks have waived charges for digital transactions. Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) has asked customers to use online and mobile banking channels for making their transactions and avoid visiting bank branches as it could pose a risk to banks’ front desk staff.

It also appealed to customers to visit branch premises only in the case of absolute necessity. IBA has also advised banks to use digital platform for lending. The banking association has launched a campaign ‘Corona Se Daro Na, Digital Karo Na’.

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