Syrian govt & Opposition delegates meet to draft new constitution

Syrian government and Opposition delegates have begun meeting in Geneva to draft a new constitution as a prelude to U.N.-supervised elections for their war-torn country. A total of 150 delegates representing the government, opposition and civil society  yesterday met at the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. After nearly nine years of war, U.N. mediator Geir Pedersen calls the meeting of Syria’s arch-enemies an historic moment. Pedersen said reforming the Constitution is the first step towards the beginning for a political process that will lead to UN-supervised elections under UN resolution 2254.

Syrian government co-chair of the committee Ahmad Kuzbari said his delegation is prepared to consider possible amendments to Syria’s existing constitution. Opposition co-chair Hadi Albahra said Syrians seek a nation that respects all people, without discrimination. 

The Hindu

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